Rocket Stand, 18mm

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Our Rocket Stands are laser cut from a U.S. sourced quality lite ply, is designed to fit inisde of the engine mount of your rocket to allow for storing your rocket off of its fins, and is designed to easily slide in and out of the engine mount to prevent damage. Includes a "Thrust Ring" that ensures the rocket stand builds square and allows for adjustable height so you can fine tune the depth of your rocket.


  • Fits rockets that use 18mm engines (I.E. Estes A8, B6, C5).
  • Laser Cut from USA sourced light ply for precise fit and finish.
  • Assembly takes only seconds, with or without glue.
  • Includes "Thrust Ring" to allow for depth adjustment.

All rocket stands ship unassembled, and can be glued for permanent assembly. Optionally, you can leave the stand left unglued to allow for easier disassembly and transportation when attending events. Assembly takes less than a minute!

All laser cut products are "Made To Order". Due to the nature of plywood products, some small imperfections may be present. Rocket not included.