Deluxe Glue Caddy

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Our Deluxe Glue Caddy is laser cut from a U.S. sourced quality lite ply, can hold three 2oz bottles of glue, four 1/2oz bottles of glue, and has 4 slots for holding holding items like kicker or expoy, as well as 4 additional storage slots for holding glue pippets or hobby knifes- or anything else you can imagine! Unit ships unassembled, construction takes approximately 5 minutes thanks to the interlocking tab construction, and it can be glued together using any type of wood glue you prefer!


  • Holds up to 7 individaul bottles of CA
  • Slots for holding items like kicker or expoy
  • Additional slots for glue pipettes or hobby knife

Due to the nature of shipping wood products, parts of the unit may arrive slightly warped. Rest assured, our Delluze Glue Caddy has been engineered to assemble straight and true when built on a flat surface. 

All laser cut products are "Made To Order". Due to the nature of plywood products, some small imperfections may be present. Glue and Accessories not included.